About Us

We have been providing childbirth and baby classes to families in Durham since 1979. Our mission is to optimize your childbirth experience, avoid cesarean birth, and most of all, help promote bonding and attachment between you and your baby. Women and their support persons who attended Lamaze classes found to have more satisfying birth experiences.  Through increasing knowledge and practice, Lamaze helps reduce anxiety, develop skills in labour, and increase you and your partner's confidence in childbirth.


Lamaze Educators

All of our prenatal educators are Registered Nurses and have completed further education to become Certified Childbirth Educators, Postpartum Doulas, or Lactation Specialists. We bring a realm of knowledge and experience to ensure you receive exceptional standards of service. Our teaching is evidence-based, you are assured to receive the most updated guidelines from reputable sources. Our goal is to offer unbiased information to all families to help them explore their options so that they will be able to make an informed decision for their unique experience in childbirth. We offer prenatal classes on labour and delivery, and baby care and breastfeeding. We hope you will join our big family and grow with us.


Labour Doula

Our Labour Doula is a certified doula, or/and a Registered Massage Therapist, who will attend your birth and coach you throughout the whole labour process.  She provides you with physical and emotional support, helps ease the transition in childbirth, and offers continuity of care. She serves as an advocate, offers support for you and your partner, and gives you the added comfort and encouragement throughout your entire labour. Our doula will meet with you before the baby arrives, come to birth, and visit you again after the baby is born. However, she does not replace the presence of your valuable partner, but rather, she is additional support for you and your family to welcome the arrival of your new baby.   



Dr. Kelly McAllister is a Chiropractor and a Certified First Aid Instructor. She has been teaching CPR classes in Durham Region for over 20 years and has taught many young families how to deal with emergencies.  Classes are offered as a group or private, and it can also be arranged for siblings, grandparents, or babysitters who are involved in the care of your baby.