Breastfeeding Classes
This class will give you information about the importance of breastfeeding and  all you need to know to succeed in breastfeeding
You will learn about:
  • Importance of breastfeeding
  • Milk supply and demand
  • Breastfeeding positions
  • Latching
  • Hand expression
  • Storage
  • Breastfeeding in Public
  • Family's roles in helping you succeed in breastfeeding
Private one-on-one breastfeeding package
We offer one-on-one breastfeeding support at the comfort of your own home.  A lactation consultant will teach you everything you need to know about breastfeeding and to ensure you have all the tools that you need to succeed in breastfeeding. 
A lactation consultant will meet you once prenatally to give you a private breastfeeding class and see you two more times after your baby is born at your own home. She will help you troubleshoot any breastfeeding issues that may arise during the crucial immediate postpartum period.