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How common is fear of childbirth?

As an expecting parent, one of the things you may start to think about is childbirth. Most people go into labour expecting a beautiful, life-changing experience. For some people, the idea of giving birth can be very nerve-wracking. But how common is fear of childbirth? It’s estimated that 14% of all pregnant women report some level of fear or anxiety about giving birth (Webb 2021). And what can you do if you are one of those people who is scared? Read on to find out more.

It's hard to find anyone who is not scared of something, and childbirth is no exception. It's natural to be afraid of something that you don't understand. No wonder many pregnant persons are fearful of childbirth since there is still so much about the process that remains a mystery. Almost any expectant parent will tell you that they have moments of fear leading up to their child's birth. For some, this is a helpful mechanism that motivates them to get ready for their baby. For others, this fear can turn into full-blown anxiety or even panic attacks. Some birthing persons have anticipatory anxiety, which can lead to physical symptoms such as a racing heart, sweating, and dizziness. This can make labour more difficult and increase the chances of having a c-section or medical interventions (Webb 2021). This fear can also turn into full-blown anxiety or even panic attacks, which can lead to PMAD (perinatal mood and anxiety disorder), and it can be debilitating for the parent-to-be.

No one can blame you for feeling a little anxious before your baby is born.

After all, it's a huge change in your life! If you’re experiencing these symptoms, it is important to seek help from a professional before they become worse, especially if you have a rare condition calle