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Is Lamaze all about breathing?

The Lamaze that people have come to known as women puffing and panting their way through labour. In the 1950s Fernand Lamaze, a French obstetrician, developed a method of breathing and relaxation that helped women manage labour.  However, the time has changed, and so has Lamaze. Lamaze is not all about breathing techniques anymore, and we understand that there are many other ways to support natural childbirth and avoid cesarean birth.  Therefore, since the 1960s, we have learned from research and women's experiences that Lamaze is no longer a "method" of childbirth; instead, it becomes a philosophy that adopts the six birth practices to educate, prepare, and empower women in delivering healthy babies safely.  

Does Lamaze childbirth mean you can't have pain medication?

Our classes provide information about both natural pain relief as well as medicated options. However, eliminating pain completely makes it challenging for women to respond to contractions in ways that facilitate labour and birth. Lamaze education will assist women in making personal decisions that are right for them.

Does Lamaze mean pain-free labour?

Lamaze does not promise pain-free labour, we all have different pain thresholds, we teach you how to handle pain better, we offer different comfort techniques to help you get through labour.  We will also give you different options in pain relief, and you decide what suits you best - unmedicated birth or medicated birth. We educate women and their partners that nature has designed birth simply, close to perfect and that women instinctually know how to give birth. Natural childbirth works when women trust the natural process of birth, have confidence in their ability to give birth, have the freedom to work with their bodies as labour progresses, and are supported by her partner, family, friends, and health care providers, all she needs is patience and work with nature to do its incredible work.

Is Lamaze for everyone?

Lamaze has been around for decades. Durham Lamaze, in particular, has been around since 1979, we have helped pregnant women, partners, and grandparents from different cultural backgrounds to gain confidence in childbirth. Our childbirth classes provide the knowledge and skills that empower women to give birth with confidence, and their partners to provide support and encouragement throughout labour. Studies have shown that women who have positive birth experiences will help facilitate the bonding process between mothers and babies, which in turn build secured parent-child attachment that lasts a lifetime. Yes, Lamaze is for everyone!

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