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What do our clients say about our classes?

At Durham Lamaze, we know what exceptional customer service means, and we go the extra mile to make sure our clients reach their learning goals. For many years, we have helped many families optimize their birth experiences through our comprehensive classes. We are so proud to see them feel so well-prepared to embark on their rewarding birth journeys. We sincerely thank all of our clients for their kind words and we wish them all, from the bottom of our hearts, have a wonderful and enjoyable new life with their babies

"The prenatal baby class that we attended with Amy was so helpful. Although the class was virtual, it still very much had an in-person feel to it. We were able to specify what we wanted out of the class and Amy was so accommodating to ensure that all of our questions were answered and that our time was used to the fullest. Her knowledge and experience made us feel like we are one major step closer to being prepared for the expected and unexpected that comes with having our first baby; the class was both practical and informative. We would highly recommend the class to anyone getting set for a new baby! "


"It was a very helpful class and we liked the charisma and enthusiasm of the presenter."


"Very serious information but presented in a 'light' and enjoyable way."

"Had basically zero knowledge walking in and now I feel somewhat prepared."

"The most helpful part of the class was watching the birth video. As the partner, it gave me a good idea of what I should be doing during labour."

"The instructor kept us engaged and informed. She did a 10/10 job. Thank you!"

"Every section was very informative."

"The instructor was great. Very knowledgeable with lots of energy."

"The class was very helpful and informative, a very good class."

"Lots of info and hands-on was great."

"Very well-presented, very easy to follow along."

"I love the interactive components, small class size, and videos. Great job :)"

"The most helpful part was how to help my wife stay calm."

"Information on medication while giving birth was very helpful. Thank you. Great class!"

"Learning about the importance of gravity and support, breathing techniques, and labour position demos were very useful."

"Great instructor, sense of humour was well appreciated."

"Knowing that there are different pain medications helps relieve my anxiety. Thank you."

"Good to know how to help my wife before and during labour."

"It was great. Very helpful. Thank you so much."

"Enjoyed the class immensely. Thank you. Surprised and impressed by the specific hospital knowledge. Extra helpful."

"Learning different birthing positions using gravity. Learning about no swaddling the baby."

"The most helpful was practicing different positions, and videos to prepare my husband."Thank you for your advice and knowledge."

"I enjoyed the process of labour, movement and development of the baby in uterus."

"Everything was helpful! Everything was perfect! Great class!"

"Talking about all the things you and your wife can do to have a healthy birth was the most helpful part for me."

"Finding out the unknown and taking the time to not only teach us but to make sure we felt comfy with it."

"It was very non-intimidating and reassuring for me as a first-time mom-to-be."

"Everything was very informative. Covered a variety of topics. Great Class, great instructor, completely satisfied."

"Super helpful and informative. I feel so much more prepared for birth! I learned about more options that I didn't even know were available."

"Awesome! Very knowledgeable and entertaining. Class moved at a good pace."

"The most helpful parts of the class were having my partner practices techniques so he'll be able to better guide me during labour."

"The instructor was well-prepared and very knowledegable."

"I will definitely recommend this class to others." 

"The most helpful parts of the class were to learn about various birthing positions, pain management, and breathing techniques."

"Definitely feel more informed about labour and delivery." 

"Very knowledgeable and presented us with very detailed information. She also took the time to answer any questions we had."

"Everything was thoroughly explained. Made us feel comfortable and ready for the day of. Thank you very much, very satisfied." 

"I'll definitely recommend this class"

"Fantastic! Instructor was very seasoned and knowledgeable. I learned so much in this class even though I had two prior pregnancies." 

"Great instructor, very thorough, friendly, and informative. Thank you!"

"Thank you for your care, passion and up-to-date knowledge. Your warm nature is appreciated." 

"The most helpful parts of the class were labouring positions, demonstration with partner, and the extensive explanations and coverage of topics." 

"Wonderful class. Very informative. Thank you!"

"The instructor has great personality!"

"The instructor was very engaging and knowledgeable I enjoyed the class."

"Wonderful learning experience and it cleared my doubts" 

"Instructor was funny, and very knowledgeable.  Many of my concerns and questions were addressed."

"All topics covered helped to ease anxiety about the upcoming labour."

"Definitely feel more informed about labour and delivery."

"The most helpful of the class was how to make my wife comfortable during labour"

"Very good class!"

"Love the practice and videos"

"Our questions were answered thoroughly. Great job!"

"Excellent presenter!" 

"This class has given me a better understanding of true labour process and what to expect. Very detailed information about what is to happen."

"Fun and informative. Personable. Up-to-date with new info. Most helpful part was getting up and practicing different positions" 

"Very nice and polite instructor. I will recommend this class to others."

The most helpful parts was the support from instructor.

"Everything was helpful in many different ways."

"The most helpful part for me is learning to support my partner as she gives birth."

"The most helpful part of the class was different stages of labour and how to cope with each stage. Very informative class."

"I learned so much and really appreciated how thorough and up-to-date this class was. Thank you." 

"Love the humour. Thanks!"

"The class was good overall. I wouldn't change anything."

"I feel much more confident now. Thank you!"

"Excellent facilitator! Informative and knowledgeable."

"The most helpful parts of the class was helping my husband become more knowledgeable and understanding to procedures and what I have to go through." 

"The instructor was very knowledgeable with lots of experience. Learned a lot and very helpful."

"Very satisfied with the class. Thank you!"

"Learning about various positions for birth was helpful."

"The most helpful part was having my partner practice techniques so he will be able to better guide me during labour."

"Loved it & feel very prepared!"

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us today. We appreciate it!"

"Informative selection of video. Useful techniques for being a support person. Good work. 100%." 

"The most helpful part were getting all the useful knowledge, what to look out for, medications and procedures, and knowing what your options are."

"The instructor was well-prepared and knowledgeable, she answered all the questions that we had."

"Very informative class"

"The most helpful parts were learning about what the medical interventions are and ways to promote a healthy natural birth."

"It was useful to learn about stages of labour, and different positions to help labour along."

"I now know I have options."

"The most helpful parts were the options you made us aware. The videos really put it into perspective."

"The instructor was amazing, upbeat, informative and friendly. Thank you!"

"Demonstrations were great and loved the videos. Learned a lot." 

"Thank you for providing information in such an easy way to understand and a comfortable environment."

"Very informative of the entire process without bias"

"Very satisfied with the class. Instructor was able to answer all questions."

"Smaller class size helped make the environment more comfortable."

"The most helpful part of the class was ways to comfort and support my partner."

"The instructor was simply amazing. She was kind, informative, and patient. My only . concern would be figuring out a way for her to be with us on the day!"

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